Protein Candy – Logo design
Creating a strong logo design helps build a trust worthy image for your food business, from restaurants to food trucks or even selling packaged food, the same theory applies. Start with the perfect ingredient and launch your food company today.

Protein Candy – Packaging
Branding for your products can build your brands identity and be used on all types of media. From print and digital media to signs and packaging. Combine form, style with material to create the perfect product packaging.

CBD Leaf – Visual communication
The combination of logo design with colour, shapes, typography and also photography could the flow of the user’s experience. Incorporate visuals to tell a story and build character to your company or brand and build trust.

CBD Leaf – Product design
Starting with a concept then turning your ideas into reality. Product development can be either a low cost design presentation or producing samples and saucing the right place for mass production. Final Print Media can help you without sacrificing design quality or commitment.

CBD Leaf – Content Marketing
Consider it a virtual version of printing but without the cost of producing the materials. Using text, photography and design to boost your band, product or service to communicate with your audience on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and more.

CBD Leaf – Social Media Marketing
We can create a strategy and content to attract the viewer’s attention with the aim to make an impact and engage with them. Things like giveaways and competitions that help generate a buzz and start a conversation. Using organic or paid marketing we can handle all your social media needs.

Bicé – Promotional Material
Print still plays a large role in many businesses from business cards and banners to flyers and brochures. Brochures and magazines can be seen in doctors offices and public spaces and although can be costly they can be around for years, while things on the internet they can disappear into cyber space.

Bicé – Product Photography
Show off all your products with some amazing photographs and use them online or for print. This can be food and drink, cosmetics, fashion, jewellery, furniture and much more. Take advantage of the high definition technology.

Locally Known – Branding
Who are you, your product or company? What do people say about you? Brand is another word for reputation and this is very important if you want people to recognise you in a certain way. We can help create a brand identity that is clear and timeless and can build the image of how you want to be perceived.

Locally Known – Product photography
See products from various angles, upside down, sideways, in unusual locations and even 360 degree view. Play around with lighting and effective during the shoot and also in post-production. This can make your images look more eye-catching and unique and bring some products features to life.

Auto Buyer – Logo design
With over 15 years logo design experience we can create multiple options to find the best option for you. Stand out from the crowd with something unknown or mysterious. Use a text based logo and keep it simple or maybe incorporate a symbol to identify a product or service. A logo can make a big difference to a first impression.

Auto Buyer – Brochure design
Communicate a clear message with an amazing layout and headings. Show all your products and create a personal touch with textured materials and custom folds. Alternatively brochures can be used online as a portfolio and be downloaded by customers or even sent as a text message or by Whatsapp.

American Pancake Co. – Illustration and graphic design
We can portray a message in a creative way using graphics and illustrations, in a way that a photographs can’t. When using computer generated graphics the images can be enlarged for large format printing without the artwork being distorted or pixelated.

American Pancake Co. – Banner printing
Grab the attention of a passing customer with some bold eye catching graphics using large format printing. This can be great for sending a message where there’s a lot of passing trade. Promote a special offer or service or even just give some simple directions to a location, large format printing can be very effective when used effectively.

Symbols and graphics
Have a more significant meaning to a message using a symbol and be recognised in an instant. We will create original graphics only to be used by you. These can be used for products, website icons and also signage. Simple and effective and remember less sometimes means more.

We can create graphics for your signage in the most effective way. Perfect for shops and restaurant signs, safety graphics, promotional graphics, gym and fitness diagrams and must more. We always produce the best quality for a permanent or temporary signage.

Logo design for a  music event
Logo designs can be very effective when combined with a subtle effect or symbol to highlight an event, product or brand. Then you can bring it to life with colour scheme that has meaning of pleasure, humour or luxury.

Social media content

You may only have only a few seconds to show your content to the viewer as they scroll down your page or social media feed. So the message has to be clear, interesting, create or provide some kind of value.
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